Mauro Caruso . Luca Gozzo . Saro Mammitta . Danilo Kelo . Peppino Sirugo . Enrico Ravalli . Ciccio Floriddia

Filmed by:

Mauro Caruso . Ale . Patrick Frunzio . Ludo Azemar . Danilo Kelo

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Luca´s uncle let us borrow his forty-six years old caravan.

It had no bathroom, couldn´t drive more than 75 km/h, was falling into pieces and the electricity was going on and off by its own decision.

We bring him back in life, tries to give him soul and beliefs, kills the honeycomb living inside, customizes it and takes him back on the road towards unexplored areas around the island, haunting for spots and Primitivo locals.

Every trip has been wild, too many parties, intense horse-bbq squatting summer houses, a few accidents and hundreds of kilometers grounded between untouched spots, but, like all the good things, even this one had to end; the owner took our Primitivo back for greater needs: he had an unattended field and that caravan would have been a perfect house for his new guard dogs.

That's life, that's Primitivo!

photo Mauro Caruso